The activities promoted in this Project are the following:

  • 1- Fieldwork to learn the needs and interests of Young people
  • 2- National meetings withe politicians and youth experts as the first contact, dialogue and reflective debate, to gather information and prepare the activities.
  • 3- Transnational meeting of Young people (8-14 July 2018), with the following workshops:
    • Debates with decisión makers and experts in youth.
    • Seminars for Young people, decisión makers/youth experts, regarding the participation in democratic life and related to the EU Youth Strategy:
      • Education for citizen participation: “Movili@-T”.
      • Youth Associations and Transculturally: “Yes, We Can”.
      • Seminar on the Use of Endogenous Resources “A Bet on My People”.
      • Justice and democratic participation: >analysis (language, text and images) of sexist models in the media, social networks, risk behaviours, bulling.
      • Fórum on Gender Roles: Let’s Switch Roles “Take My Place”.
    • Simulation: “Governing Beyond Borders”.
  • 4- Diseemination and exploitation of results: Documentary video “Young rural Managers of the European Present and Future”, Study of European Rural Youth Context, posters and information panels.